Build a Wordpress Website without any Coding Skills & Knowledge!!

The Visual Wordpress Page Builder

Visual Wordpress Page Builder

Websites are very important for every business, startups and also for personal uses. We live in century where everyone and everything needs a website for different purposes, but it's not really that much easy to create a website, especially when you don't have any prior coding knowledge and not even heard what PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript is.

What's why i whant to teach you really easy way to create and build a website based on one of the most popular CMS - Wordpress. It will help you to create a website for any uses.

How to Create a Wordpress Website?

Creating Wordpress website is really easy. All you need to do is just to buy a domain and web hosting package. After that, go to your cpanel and set up a Wordpress. Most of web hosting companies provide One Click Setup tool.
For example:

Oneclick wordpress setup - Reflict

Just click on Wordpress logo, fill out form, click on "setup" and that's it! Your Wordpress website is ready!
Now, you should set and customize theme.

It's time to learn something magic..

How to Build a Professional Wordpress Website?

As i mentioned above, it's unimaginable to build website without knowing PHP, but it's really possible from now!

Introducing The Visual Page Builder So Blazingly Fast & Easy-To-Use!

You’ll Think It’s Magic and you are right! because it is!

From now, you don't need to know any programing languages to start a professional website or blog.

All you need is Divi Builder

Divi builder - Reflict

What is a Divi?

Divi Review

Divi is the best new way to create awesome WordPress websites. Drag, drop, customize and design your website visually using a modern new page builder.
Divi introduces a completely new visual interface that will forever change the way you build websites. This front end editor allows you to make changes to your website…on your actual website! Click into a paragraph and start typing. Highlight some text and adjust the fonts and styles. Drag an element and watch it move. Add new items from any of Divi’s 40+ content modules, adjust module settings, save and load items from the library and see everything happen instantly. No page refreshes, little to no ajax loading bars and absolutely no need to “preview” your changes because everything is happening in real time on your page.

Divi builder - Reflict
Divi’s new visual builder allows you to create and edit your pages on the front-end of your website. When you load the builder, you see your page exactly as you would if you were browsing your website normally. With the builder activated, however, everything on the page becomes editable! You can click into any element and adjust its content, size, color, positioning, spacing and more. You can add, drag content from one area to another, duplicate and delete content and load items from your library instantly. All of the Divi modules and settings that you are familiar with are still there, enhanced and simplified through the new visual interface.

When you make a change in the new visual builder, your page is updated instantly. Text on the page feels tangible as you slide the font size controls and watch your words expand and contract with each gesture. The page feels alive as you explore the color picker and watch each glowing transformation. It’s fun and easy and just a bit magical. Unlike other front-end editors you may have used, Divi’s new visual builder is incredibly fast which makes the design process all the more fun.

Adding content to your page couldn’t be easier. If you want to add something new, simply hover over the desired area and click the “+” button and you will be greeted by a list of Divi’s 40+ content elements. No need to drag items from a central dock because Divi’s content tooltip is always there when you need it. Plus it’s searchable, which makes it easy to find your desired content element or saved library item. Did I mention it’s super fast? When you add new content elements, they are just there.

Divi has a content module for every occasion and each can be completely customized to obtain your desired result. Simply add, mix and match content and watch your new page come to life. No coding; no plethora of disjointed plugins; just click and build. No matter what kind of website you are creating, Divi has the tools you need to make your vision a reality.

Of course no website builder would be complete without drag and drop, and Divi is no exception. Dragging and dropping elements in Divi’s visual builder is particularly intuitive because you are working with your actual content instead of with ambiguous blocks and grids. When editing long pages, Divi’s new “Zoom out” feature gives you an overhead view of your design and allows you to drag large pieces of content long distances without having to scroll. You can also forgo dragging and dropping completely and opt for Divi’s copy and paste functionality instead.

Who is the Divi Plugin For?

Considering its ease of use and low price, Divi would be most suited someone who was new to WordPress and web design, but who still wanted the ability to create something unique without the need to hire a professional.

A look at its full set of features, however, shows that it would also be beneficial for freelance web designers and creative agencies.

It might seem like this tool would be beneath someone trained in web design, but its time-saving abilities — including the way Divi Builder makes it easy to export and import custom page layouts and designs between sites — would make it appealing to anyone looking to shorten the development time of a web design project.

The role editor also makes it attractive to anyone creating sites for others.

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