3 Best Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media Management Tools

What are Social Media Management Tools?

Social media marketing tools are the “next big thing,” a powerful way that must be taken advantage of while it’s still in the spotlight. It helps business to engage with their users and collaborate with one another especially if there is a large volume of social media channels to work on. It’s a time-consuming process as you have to make sure you monitor, track, manage, and converse with users of your social media accounts. it also helps with other marketing and sales activities by streamlining and combining your social media accounts. In other words, it's a tool that automate your social media management, schedule your posts, share your posts and give you analytics data.

Why is it important to use Social Media Management Tools?

Social media management tools are essential to any marketer who uses social media – here are some of the main reasons why they are so important:

1. Easy monitoring of keywords, trends, certain users

2. Time saving

3. Having all of your social media accounts in one place

4. Increased productivity

5. Easier management of customer relationships

6. Allows for better team collaboration

Everyone who manages at least one social media account for business purposes could benefit from using a social media management tool. Whether you’re a small business with only a few accounts or a huge corporation that requires 24/7 attention and multiple accounts, you will still benefit from using one of these tools.

Agorapulse LOGO - Reflict

Agorapulse Review

Stars: 5.0

AgoraPulse is an social community and moderation tool that helps business manage all their social network profiles. The platform is built to enable businesses implement total management of their accounts in top social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. AgoraPulse is very user-friendly and can be implemented right from the get go, offering flexibility, short learning curve, and topnotch customer support compared to other solutions.

Basically, AgoraPulse enables you to put all your social network in a unified interface and manage everything from there, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This social network management platform gives you a broad range of tools, ranging from Facebook analytics, applications, and content automation among others. AgoraPulse ensures that you are always in the know, notifying you of every comment, tweet, and messages that goes all your inboxes. Virtually, you will never miss a simple conversation, an attempt to connect, or an opportunity to expand.

Each plan is billed to the customer month to month. So if, at any time, you are unsatisfied with their services, you can cancel your subscription. And if necessary, they have an excellent refund policy in place. Consumers can also upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time with no penalty.

Agorapulse provides users with monthly reports that can easily convert into Powerpoint. They also provide unlimited advanced statistics: page stats, post analysis, app conversion stats, retweets, top influencers, team member activity. AgoraPulse is a terrific tool that satisfies the needs of most companies operating on Facebook and Twitter, all at an affordable price.

Sendible - Reflict

Sendible Review

Stars: 5.0

Sendible is a social media analytics and management tool. This platform enables users to control various accounts in real-time, through the use of almost all possible social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube, Blogspot, Foursquare, and more.

Sendible offers a powerful and advanced platform that is designed to drive growth and effective social media marketing with the help of the tools the platform provides. Depending on the package, you can manage up to 360 service and involve 20 of your team members. The system is fully integrated with a variety of social networks, but it also offers open APIs which allow you to connect it to as many services as you need. On top of that, Sendible is moderately priced to suit the needs of different users, with a package for individuals, startups and growing companies, the same as established businesses and corporations.

This tool allows you to effectively schedule all your posts according to the recommended times when your target audience is online. Through it, you can view all the posts sent to your social media channels. Sendible gives you the choice of reusing past posts so you don’t have to type repetitive content all over again. You can also automatically re-schedule similar postings for the future.

Sendible provides users with presentation-ready analytic reports. Their report builder allows users to create and automatically distribute daily, weekly or monthly email reports. Each report has the ability to be shared and/or printed. If need be, reports can also be exported to CSV for custom reporting.

Sendible makes the management of your social media accounts easy and efficient through its great features. It is affordable and caters for different categories of companies. You get reliable support while using it.

SocialPilot LOGO - Reflict

SocialPilot Review

Stars: 4.9

SocialPilot creates a whole new way of connecting to millions of users across the globe. Social media is probably the most meticulous way that top brands face overwhelming customer expectations. SocialPilot tool helps marketers recognize and build trusted connections and create an impressive digital experience.

Scheduling is one of the most important advantages of using a Social Media Management tool like SocialPilot. This way, you can give an edge to your marketing and present stories according to different marketing strategies. Let’s say for example you want to give maximum exposure to a demographic that is most active at night. However, you obviously cannot expect your marketing executives to remain in the office all night. SocialPilot’s scheduling feature will take care of the posting and you can feed the content anytime and from anywhere.

SocialPilot lets you create and manage multiple groups. This is a boon for those, who need to filter different groups as per their requirements. The feature of integrating different pages and groups such as those of your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts is something that works wonders for them. Both these platforms allow users to create, post and share content with their networks.

This saves your time on research as you get quality content in a single click. For original content, you can easily create new posts by using a mix of text, images and links and share the same across your connected profiles. In fact, it provides you the option to create a post with more than 1000 words, image and link shortening feature.

Unlike other tools, using SocialPilot user can put their branding, so it does not look automated and help them to have their branding. Customization and flexibility can also make the system work in compliance with your business rules, which is quite a rare thing in the social media scheduling and sharing environment.


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